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2011 brought about some new and exciting changes as we started a new company, .  We are still working on new products so check back to see what is going on.  We are in the R&D or prototype stage for 4 new products while we are also working on course outlines for training we will be offering.  We also plan to offer service and support for competition shooters.   With a strong base in engineering, we will also be offering R&D plus testing and prototyping for other small firearms related companies.

WHO am I?
Just so you know who I am, I will give you a brief bio. I am a mechanical engineer who works in the forensic engineering industry (I do failure analysis). Partly due to my job and partly due to my personality, I tend to be critical and analytical. I like to look at things from a fresh point of view and to test everything to prove it sound or not. I am an avid shooter and hunter and I am a member of several professional and gun related organizations as well as being a Range Officer and range Master in different shootings sports.

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Shooting the 610 in IDPA

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